“I’m getting old” – DJ Cuppy reflects on aging, relationships


Nigerian disc jockey Florence Otedola, better known online as DJ Cuppy, has shared some reflective observations on relationships and ageing on social media.

The discovery was made during a live TikTok session where she hilariously acknowledged feeling “old” and discussed her difficulties adjusting to the platform.

Following DJ Cuppy’s comments, her followers got into a heated debate, with many of them assuring her of her enduring appeal and importance on a variety of platforms.

She then posed a question to her followers, asking if she should host a Live Space session on Twitter next.

This self-examination follows months after DJ Cuppy counselled Nigerian women not to put all of their “eggs in one basket” when it related to relationships.

DJ Cuppy ended her relationship with boxer Ryan Taylor at the same time as her recent introspection.

She had expressed her willingness to give Taylor’s relationship as many opportunities as she had given her past romantic interests, likening it to a workout programme earlier this year.

However, the relationship eventually came to an end, leaving DJ Cuppy to reflect on her experiences and share humorous anecdotes with her followers.

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, DJ Cuppy had further fueled speculation about her relationship status by reminiscing about late-night phone conversations with a special someone.

Her playful inquiry into the whereabouts of this mysterious individual hinted at the possibility of a breakup.