‘My ancestral powers help me manage women’ – Paddy Adenuga


The millionaire businessman Mike Adenuga’s son, Paddy Adenuga, has offered a personal perspective on how he approaches relationships with women.

The 39-year-old businessman disclosed that his capacity to manage and comprehend the powerful ladies in his life is greatly influenced by his ancestral powers.

Paddy Adenuga underlined that navigating the complicated dynamics of relationships with women would have been difficult in the absence of this ancestral instruction.

In a recent post on his X page, Paddy acknowledged the power and strength that women possess by nature. He attributed his ability to negotiate these situations to his ancestry.

He stated:

“Women have powers. It’s just that my village ancestors gave me small powers to manage them. That is why I’m okay. If not…”

In a different story, Julie Adenuga opens up on how her boyfriend broke up with her after she contracted COVID-19.

The well-known figure in the media disclosed that she only received a COVID diagnosis after her lover broke up with her.

She said that when she told her partner she had the virus, he called that same evening to break up with her while she was in the hospital.

This was disclosed by the North London-born radio host in a recent podcast with Madame Joyce.

Julie Adenuga talked about how, in these extraordinary times, she was trying to heal both her health and her heart while coping with the extremely painful split.

“I was in a relationship for a long time where I knew it wasn’t the right one but I thought it might be the best I am going to get. So, I decided to keep it going for as long as possible.

“I got COVID-19 and the day that I found out I had COVID-19, my boyfriend broke up with me. I was mad that day. I sent him a picture of my test result. And that evening, he called me that he was breaking up with me.”.