Ritual exploitation: TikToker Nicki DaBarbie released on bail after two weeks in prison


Popular TikToker Nicki DaBarbie has been released on bail after spending two weeks in jail due to outrage over her charges against music superstars Skibii and Mayorkun.

The story started when Nicki DaBarbie made surprising claims on her TikTok page that Skibii and Mayorkun had drugged her in order to take her attention and maybe use her for rituals.

Online users were split between accepting her accusations as true and rejecting them as unfounded as soon as she made them.

Skibii then retaliated by filing a lawsuit against Nicki DaBarbie, whom it was reported that she had visited during their “talking stage.”

He filed a property damage lawsuit, which led to her detention after her arrest.

But throughout the court case, Nicki DaBarbie received a lot of support from people, including well-known internet activist VeryDarkMan.

She finally received conditional bail after significant persuasion, enabling her to remain free in the interim while awaiting additional court hearings.

Mayorkun, the other music superstar implicated in Nicki DaBarbie’s allegations, has vehemently denied any involvement and vowed to pursue legal action against her once Skibii’s case concludes.

According to Mayorkun, he had never even met Nicki DaBarbie before, dismissing her claims as false and defamatory. The release of Nicki DaBarbie has sparked jubilation among her supporters.

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In related news, Nigerian singer Mayorkunhas spoken out following the arrestof controversial influencerNicki DaBarbie, vehemently denying her allegations of misconduct.

In a recent tweet, the artist expressed his disbelief at the accusations and asserted his intention to pursuelegal action against DaBarbie, despite her current detainment.