My family warned me never to marry Seun Kuti- Yetunde


Yetunde Kuti, the wife of Nigerian artist Seun Kuti, discussed the challenges she faced when deciding to marry into the Kuti family.

Yetunde discusses the worries and misunderstandings in her family in an interview with Yourviewtvc.

The singer’s wife revealed that she married the singer in spite of her family’s disapproval of her union with Seun Kuti.

In the course of the conversation, However, she revealed that her family’s perception of her spouse stemmed from the polygamous background of Seun’s father, Fela Kuti.

She claims that her family forewarned her, using comparisons to Fela Kuti‘s marriages, that if she married Seun Kuti, she would become just one of his 35 wives.

Yetunde stressed that she made the decision to dispel popular myths and prejudices about marriage in spite of the warnings.

In her words;

I have always had the idea of not wanting to be married, and my family was expecting me not to get married, especially to Seun. I grew up with people whose marriages were not stable and looked at it from their perspective, and I realized that everybody has their own reasons why their marriages didn’t work, and people can’t just continue like that.”

“There’s a sacrifice that one has to make, but some people don’t want to make the sacrifice. My family said my life would end if I married Seun Kuti and that I would just be one of his 35 wives. They said his father married many wives and that he would marry more than him.”

In similar story, Renowned musician Seun Kuti shared his perspective on fidelity within marriage, asserting that he could never leave his wife should she ever cheats on him.

He claims that their marital status is unaffected by infidelity. His wife, Yetunde, who recently appeared with him on the Valentine edition of TVC’s Your View,stated she would not leave if the singer cheated on her.