VIDEO: Popular skit maker, Sabinus gifts cars to three team members


Nigerian skitmaker Sabinus showed his kindness by gifting three of his closest coworkers brand-new Camry muscle vehicles.

The news of Sabinus’s benevolent act spread like wildfire, captivating the hearts of fans and admirers alike.

The camaraderie between Sabinus and his team was evident, highlighting a bond that extended beyond the realm of comedy.

These individuals, whose comedic chemistry has entertained millions, are reaping the rewards of their hard work and commitment.

For Sabinus, this gesture was more than just a gift; it was a symbol of gratitude for his team’s pivotal role in his meteoric rise to fame.

“Their tireless efforts and creative contributions have not gone unnoticed,” he said.

Sabinus said he was determined to show his appreciation in a grand and meaningful manner.

The trio, who had become synonymous with laughter and joy, are now cruising in style, courtesy of their generous mentor.