Skitmaker Sir Balo splashes millions on new car to mark decade in entertainment industry


Popular Nigerian skit maker Sir Balo celebrated his ten years in the entertainment business by treating himself to a luxurious present: a brand-new G-Wagon.

The comedian celebrated the happy event on social media, sharing a wealth of accomplishments from his career along with his opulent new vehicle.

In order to highlight the contribution made by his millions of fans on numerous platforms, Sir Balo proudly exhibited a collection of awards he had won over the years.

Among the accolades were an impressive 5 YouTube award. Notably, he disclosed that these accomplishments were made possible through the unwavering support of his fanbase.

The comedian shared a list of accomplishments that show how much effort and commitment he has put into his career.

At the moment, Sir Balo oversees seven different YouTube channels and has an astounding fifteen million Facebook fans.

The comedian thanked his followers for their unwavering support and said that their devotion was the reason behind his success.

In a heartfelt message accompanying his social media post, Sir Balo acknowledged the collaborative effort that made his journey possible.

He urged everyone to join in the celebration of his 10-year anniversary, extending his gratitude to fans, friends, and well-wishers.

Sirbalo studio , 10 good years of constant work
7 YouTube channels
5 YouTube awards
15m followers on Facebook
You Guys made this possible
Thank you for supporting Us

Please celebrate with us !!,” he wrote.


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