[VIDEO] ‘How I felt erection from my dad when I hugged him’ – Katherine Obiang


Actress and TV personality, Katherine Obiang has reacted to the widely circulated dance video featuring filmmaker Kunle Afolayan and his daughter, Eyiyemi.

During an interview, the actress revealed that in her younger days, it was customary to hug her dad in the morning. However, after she felt his erection one morning, she decided not to visit his room again.

The actress from Lekki Wives made this statement during the most recent Jasiri show on News Central, offering her perspective on the issue surrounding director Kunle Afolayan’s dance with his daughter, Eyiyemi.

The dancing video that Eyiyemi shared on Monday on her Instagram account provoked comments, with many people labelling their behaviour as “inappropriate” because of the way Kunle held his daughter during the dance.

In response, fellow actress and media personality Omotunde Adebowale, popularly known as Lolo 1, who was one of the co-hosts on the show argued that if the filmmaker’s dance with his daughter was innocent, society’s reaction has needlessly harmed their innocent father-daughter relationship irreparably.

Speaking on the subject, Katherine disapproved of the dance and stated:

“Suppose as he was dancing with his daughter like that and had an erection what would happen? Because it’s normal na, he is a man.

“When we were younger we used to go to my dad’s room to play but in the morning when you want to give your dad a hug because you love how he smells, I felt an erection and I arranged myself and that was the last time because I realised at that point that play time is over. I didn’t need to be schooled about that.”

“Do you know that if honestly this just happened in the moment, we as a society, we have damaged that girl and made her begin to see what is not there. My dad used to put me on his leg and allow us to blow bubbles,” Lolo responded