Why I can’t date, marry footballers – David Alaba’s sister, Rose May


The Austrian-Nigerian singer Rose May Alaba, who is the sister of Real Madrid player David Alaba, recently discussed why she doesn’t want to date or get married to a footballer.

She feels that because football players need to be looked after constantly, it interferes with her desire to be independent and follow her own goals.

Rose May Alaba went into further detail about this subject when she appeared on the well-liked TV programme Trending, which is hosted by reality personality KimOprah.

Rose May felt that dating a football player would require spending too much time and energy attending to their requirements. She said she wanted to live an independent life and that she valued her autonomy.

“I don’t want to have a soccer player as a boyfriend because you have to cater for them way too much.

“I need my own life, I want to be independent as well.”

In another story, Rose May speaks about people constantly thinking that her family growing money on trees.

Rose May discussed her experiences and the myths around her family in an exclusive interview with 88.5 UFM.

Rose claims that because of her last name’s association with a well-known football player, people mistakenly believe that her family is a bank.

Finding real people has been difficult, Rose May noted, adding that everyone thinks they have it all.

In her words:

“To be honest, the hustle is real. Everybody wants to make money. And I feel like once people hear my last name because it’s connected to a big soccer player which is my brother [David Alaba], they see us as a bank. They think we grow money on trees. But that is not the case.

“It’s hard to find genuine people who see the vision. And I feel like you always have to believe in yourself first for them to actually help you.”