Firefighters save Nnewi Timber market from fire in Anambra


A timely intervention from the men of Anambra State Fire Service has saved the Nnewi Timber Market from being razed by fire.

The firefighters faced a challenging situation as they simultaneously battled fires in Awka, the capital of Anambra State, and the Nnewi Timber Market.

Confirming the events, State Fire Chief Mr. Martin Agbili stated that both incidents occurred on the same day but at different times.

Agbili attributed the fire in Nnewi to a heap of sawdust in the timber shed area.

“No life was lost and the Timber market was also saved due to timely intervention of the Fire fighters.”

Reports indicated that the fire ignited around 11:30 am and persisted until it was extinguished around 5:40 pm.

The Awka incident, which began at approximately 9:22 pm behind the SINAI Gas Plant, was reportedly triggered by a bush fire ignited by unidentified individuals.

Due to the proximity of the Gas Plant to residential areas, there was widespread panic among residents. However, firefighters successfully subdued the blaze by around 10:41 pm, and there were no casualties.

Agbili emphasized the importance of promptly alerting authorities upon noticing any spark, as the timing of the distress call influences response time.

He reiterated the necessity of clearing all vegetation around residential, commercial, or industrial areas to enhance safety measures.

This follows a recent incident where a portion of the Dunukofia Local Government Secretariat in Anambra State was reportedly engulfed by fire, resulting in significant damage to files and property owned by the Local Government Area.

The fire’s origin was attributed to a bush fire initiated by unknown individuals, which subsequently spread and engulfed the Local Government Council Secretariat.