Kano hisbah impound 8,600 bottles of beer, nab 15 for prostitution


The Kano State Hisbah Board has confiscated no fewer than 8,600 bottles of beer loaded in a van that came from Kaduna to the state.

Idris Ibrahim, the board’s official in charge of intoxicants, revealed this to reporters on Saturday.

Ibrahim claimed that on Thursday, the alcoholic beverages were found at Kwanar Dangora village near the Kano-Kaduna Expressway.

He continued by saying that the car had been followed by command personnel from Kaduna till it entered Kano territory.

“We stopped the vehicle at Kwanar Dangora village and the driver  attempted to escape but our operatives apprehended him.

“You know it is illegal to sell and drink beer in Kano State. So, we are going to take the driver to court after taking his statement,” Ibrahim said.

He continued by saying that the Hisbah staff in charge of managing intoxicants at the board is awaiting additional directives from the Hisbah administration.

In the meantime, fifteen young women were detained by the board’s command while conducting operations in several Kano City locations.

It was discovered that the ladies accused of prostitution were arrested on the old Zoo Road vehicle parks, Hotoro Tishama, Bakin River Verd Sabon Gari, Miyangu Road, and Hadejia Road.

Dr. Mujahid Aminuddeen, the deputy commander-general of the board, confirmed the arrest and stated that several of the suspected prostitutes had been detained multiple times and charged with crimes, but they continued to operate in the illicit industry.

“It is unfortunate that some of these women leave their states and countries and come to Kano where they engage in prostitution and other objectionable behaviour.

“They roam the streets of Kano and do all sorts of things. We are calling on members of the public to continue to report such activities so that we can sanitise the state

“However, some of these girls also need prayers because when you talk with them, you understand that they find themselves in this situation because of hardship,” Aminuddeen said.

He claims that many of the girls had taken drugs, which has altered their appearance and compromised their mental health.

“We have to call on parents to pray for their children to be protected from the evils of drug abuse, which leads to other social vices,” he concluded.