Nigeria Police show support for Super Eagles for AFCON 2023 final


In light of today’s African Cup of Nations (AFCON) final, the Nigeria Police Force has thrown its support behind the Super Eagles, wishing them the fortitude and dexterity of an eagle to fly.

This sentiment was conveyed in a statement posted on the Force’s Facebook page on Sunday.

The statement read, “May the powers above bolster the strength and agility of our Eagle to soar beyond the limits comprehensible by the elephant. And when the eagle alights, may it do so triumphantly clutching the trophy in its claws. Go Super Eagles!

“Just as the eagle on the NPF crest symbolizes strength and authority, may our feathered friends soar to victory today! Show the elephants the true power of the sky! Bring the trophy home to Nigeria!

In today’s 2023 AFCON final, the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire will square off.