Sanwo-Olu reveals perfect Lagos selfies


Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu Introduces ‘Perfect Lagos Selfies’ Featuring Slack-liner and Red Bull Athlete Jaan Roose’s Daring Walk from Sterling Towers to Onome Rig.

According to The Nation, the Lagos Safety Commission collaborated with Red Bull on this initiative aimed at highlighting the state’s beauty.

Sanwo-Olu posted pictures from the project on his official page on Saturday.

The caption reads: “Lagos is the epitome of creativity at its finest and we are saying well done and congratulations to #JaanRoose, the Guinness World Record holder, who has captured the Perfect Lagos Selfie while walking in the sky from Sterling Towers to the Onome Rig.”

“His expertise in slack-lining, blending balance training, recreation, and moving meditation is beautifully showcasing our city’s vibrant spirit.

“Capturing the beauty of our skyline against the backdrop of the Blue Line Rail is an admirable feat.

“Partnering with the Lagos Safety Commission, this project highlights the splendor of Lagos State.”