Defence Headquarters laments spate of kidnapping nationwide


The Defence Headquarters has lamented that the spate of kidnappings across the country has overshadowed the achievements of troops against terrorists in the Northern region.

Additionally, this DHQ revealed that during the previous week, troops had captured 212 people and killed no fewer than 185 terrorists.

This was revealed in a statement released on Friday by Maj. Gen. Buba Edward, Director of Defence Media Operations.

He said, “The ugly trend of kidnappings has dimmed the light on the successes of gallant troops in combating the terrorist, insurgents, and their cohorts across the country to create a safer environment for citizens.

“The military recognises the urgency for an immediate turnaround of the situation and is therefore actively working for peace and security across the country.

“It is worthy of mention to state that, achieving enduring peace in the country, requires that there is a change in the conditions that make the terrorist, insurgents, and their cohorts willing to fight and carry dastardly acts on fellow citizens.”

Reeling out the success recorded by troops, he said 71 abducted citizens were rescued.

“Accordingly, during the week under review, troops neutralised 185 and arrested 212 of them. Troops also arrested 44 perpetrators of oil theft and rescued 71 kidnapped hostages. In the SS, troops denied the oil theft of the estimated sum of N1,065,885,050.00 only.

Additionally, 2,337 different types of ammunition and 224 different weapons were found by the troops, the statement continued.